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Logo Morgan Wright copiaHello all!

First of all, let me introduce you to my blog… and myself. I am an undergraduate in BA (Honours) English Literature and Creative Writing (I began my BA at the Open University at 16). My life is slightly unconventional- I’m of Belgian nationality, have lived in Spain for over 12 years, but I write and study in English. I’m currently an unpublished author but hope to be publishing one of my books around mid to late this year. As soon as we approach the date I have in mind, I’ll update everyone on the details here.

I’ll be focusing most posts of Literary Avenue on the craft of writing, other authors, their books as well as my own road into publishing… But I will also feature any other artists interested in promoting work (Look below at Section 3) as well as charities of any kind, or any related awareness organizations, which can gain coverage after validity verification (Look below for Section 4).

There will also be, with your kind permission, posts on international singer and songwriter Sara de Ville- who is also my mother… So proud (😍)- and her pianist Tio Jazzy (My grandfather who mysteriously still looks the same as he did 18 years ago when I was born…). You can follow Sara de Ville here: @saradeville

In a nutshell, the intention of this blog is to promote creativity in any given field, but specializes mostly on writing. If you love artists or if you are an artist, you’re in the right place.

Please leave comments and share whenever it conveniences you.

I will always be signing off under Pen name Morgan Wright.

You can follow Morgan Wright here on Twitter: @byMorganWright (If anyone would wish to contact me directly, simply send me a direct message via twitter and I will endeavor to answer as soon as possible)

SECTIONS on “What my blog can do for you”:

1. For AUTHORS – self-published and traditionally published,

  • Artist feature: Picture of you, cover of your novel you wish to feature, book synopsis, list of all other published books- if applicable, your biographical info and, if possible, short reviews on your newest book release- this latter is not a requirement.
  • New release feature: Picture of your new book release, book synopsis, info on where it can be purchased and, if possible, short reviews- the latter is not a requirement.
  • Q&A: This is a written Q&A of maximum 7 questions, entirely personalized to you as an author. Once the Q&A questions have been arranged, the Q&A form will be sent to you via email. You, in turn, will have to send the form back to me with the answers written accordingly. I will also cross-check for any grammatical mistakes so don’t freak if there’s a typo in there somewhere 😉. The Q&A is free for you to use anywhere with due credit to myself and my blog.
  • Promote book signing events, readings, book trailers etc. Basically, you can suggest anything and I will consider whether or not it is acceptable for the blog.

2. For readers or bloggers passionate about writing:

  • Guest post on my blog (Provide info about who you are, your own blog and the post you’d like to submit for approval)
  • Suggest subjects that you’d like to see discussed on this blog (you’ll be accredited in the post itself for the idea, of course). Try to be very creative here. Controversial subjects are also welcome if approached from a solid point of view.

3. For musicians and other artists:

Yes, this blog can actually help artists in other fields as well.

  • If you’re a MUSICIAN (indie or with record label), you can be considered for inclusion in one of my Spotify playlists free of charge (Follow me on twitter @byMorganWright and send me a direct message with a Spotify link to the song you would like considered). I also tweet about new songs being added to my playlists.
  • If you’re an illustrator, an animator, a book designer, a game developer etc you can gain a feature with your newest project as long as it is somehow related to the blog. To give you a few examples of what I mean: If you’re a game developer, your game must be based on a novel or any other creative written content to gain a feature. If you’re an illustrator, you must’ve created a piece based on any creative written content to be featured. And so on. The list is endless. In essence, any artistic creation with some link to the writing field- even a fan-made trailer based on a novel- can be featured.

4. For awareness organisations or charities:

  • If you’d like to promote a certain CHARITY or fundraiser as an organisation, it’s welcome here. Simply contact me with information of who you are, what your charity is for or what charity you’re volunteering for and provide me with a website or any other method for verification of validity of said charity.

Please do not:

  • Send inappropriate material or comments
  • Insult any featured artist or give nasty criticism. The point of this blog is to encourage artists, not wear them down with negativity.

*Contact me here if you’re interested in any of the above.

I will endeavor to answer you within 72 hours. If I haven’t answered you once this time has passed, go ahead and re-send it just in case it got lost between all my other emails. Bear in mind, all of this is free, all I ask in return is that you follow my blog and, if you’re on Twitter, that you follow me @byMorganWright as well. However if any author would like a review on their book, contact me via the link above as well and I’ll email you the pricing as well as any further details (P.S. Don’t worry, pricing is minimal 😉)

Thank you kindly for reading,

Morgan Wright

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